After the crisis experienced in recent weeks, and the forced application of telework in cases where it has been possible, organizations are now facing the recovery of activities minimized by confinement, subject to the specific norms and measures established by both the national and autonomous Administration and the health authority.
Given this important challenge for organizations, it is essential to have tools to control and manage the gradual and measured incorporation of each of the company’s professionals into their jobs, depending on their characteristics and needs.
For this, Compensa offers a tool, in the form of a personalized request within the employee portal (web and App version), which allows collaborators to process their return to the job and to the company, in turn, requiring their presence. The available functionalities can be parameterized and evolved depending on the needs and requirements of the Company.
This new functionality will allow organizations to do daily monitoring of the requests made, segmenting by the demographic and organizational variables of the company, and being able to control the chain of infections in the event of a possible positive case within the workforce to guarantee business continuity.
It will also allow organizations to delimit the capacities of work centers, to guarantee compliance with the necessary protocols for preventing contagions and thus avoid crowds and ensure the interpersonal distance recommended by the authorities. In the same way, it will be possible to segment the workforce in turns, to facilitate the gradual and staggered return of employees and guarantee business continuity.

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