The purpose of this blog that we present today, is to share our knowledge with society and create a meeting point for all those professionals and employees who share our mission.

The model of the labor relationship between company and professional began to change radically more than fifteen years ago and has only been eclipsed by the dramatic consequences of the economic and financial collapse caused by the crisis and the complicated adaptation of society to this reality.

The imbalances between labor supply and demand, the impact of digital transformation, the society of knowledge, generational changes as well as other factors such as the full incorporation of women into the labor market in a situation of full equality, together with changes in the organization of the family nucleus and the impressive effects caused by the digital transformation are some of the factors that allow us to affirm that we have before us the great challenge of integrating a new model of employment relationship where the main protagonist is and will be the person.

In Compensa Capital Humano we are a great multidisciplinary team of professionals who have set ourselves the mission of the difficult challenge of contributing to the transformation of the traditional labor relationship model. With this evolution we want to ensure the achievement of business objectives through the creation, communication and management of an individualized and competitive value proposal that adapts to the personal and family needs of professionals at all times under the principles of efficiency and retributive efficiency.

Thank you for coming here and for sharing our ambitious challenge.

I invite you to share your concerns with us.

Carlos Delgado PlanásCEO