Compensa Capital Humano initiatives to face the crisis derived from COVID-19

After the Government’s declaration of the state of alarm and its subsequent extension to 15 more days, all companies have been forced to take quick measures that allow us to achieve two critical objectives in unison: on the one hand, guaranteeing the safety of all our professionals and their families in the face of this health crisis and, on the other hand, maintaining business continuity.

This document aims to contribute modestly to overcoming this situation. From our experience of more than five years in the design, implementation and management of measures of temporal and spatial flexibility in the environment of the conciliation of personal and professional life, we want to share the measures that can be more effective in these complex times and that we have adopted with our professionals at Compensa Capital Humano, respecting the precepts established in Organic Law 3/2018, which regulates the digital rights of workers, among which is the right to digital disconnection:

  • Permanent communication channel

    The first challenge is to be able to keep all the professionals of the organization informed about the news that is taking place, both decisions that we make internally and news from abroad. To this point, among other measures, we have drafted and disseminated an Action Protocol against the Risk of Contagion by COVID-19.

    Through the employee portal and the corporate App, we can communicate and monitor all the action plans that we are deciding in the field of health, computer security and data protection. In addition, we include some practical initiatives for managing work from home.

  • Online meetings

    Through the use of webinars, a weekly meeting has been scheduled with all the professionals of the organization where we share the evolution of the company, the concerns of our Clients and professionals, in addition to sharing the best practices to deal with this situation.

    Likewise, because of the decrease in activity at certain times, we have considered it to be an ideal time to increase training sessions in different areas.

  • Work from home

    Working from home has become the leading measure in many companies. However, due to the exceptional nature, universality and long duration of the situation, the telework measures that we have been using for years have had to be redefined to accomplish with the triple requirement of continuing to serve our clients, guaranteeing the safety of all our professionals and facilitate family tasks in the domestic environment.

    For this reason, laptops have been delivered to the few professionals who did not have them, the use of our corporate app has been promoted and methodologies such as daily team meetings have been reinforced through Microsoft Teams, the creation of specific communication channels for each client, team and project, as well as strict planning and monitoring of weekly sprints with the aim of continuing to provide the same service to our stakeholders.

    In addition, monitoring and evaluation processes for teleworking and assigned tasks have been established, as well as a permanent communication channel to resolve emerging issues.

  • More time flexibility

    Due to the exceptional nature of the situation we are experiencing, the time flexibility measures that we had implemented to date have been insufficient to combine work in this situation with 24×7 family tasks (childcare, family …).

    For this reason, we have approved new flexibility measures that, guaranteeing internal and external meetings, allow the distribution of the workday according to the needs of each person with greater flexibility.

  • Flexible intensive days

    To reinforce the previous measure, we also give the possibility that each professional can request the number of intensive days included in the collective agreement, which in our case limits their enjoyment only to the month of August, at any time of the year.

  • Flex holiday purchase

    We are reminding our professionals that, through the flexible compensation plan, they can buy additional vacation days to those established in the collective agreement and to the improvements of the organization itself to reinforce the reconciliation of their personal and family life.

  • Employee services

    We have reinforced the services we were providing to our employees to prioritize the advice related to their diet, physical and mental health, in addition to the services and procedures that they can access during this confinement.

  • Medical chat

    Once a week, a questionnaire will be sent to find out the impact of the new measures implemented by Compensa in the face of this alert situation, the productivity of remote work, the team’s state of mind and other issues that may contribute to improving our actions.

  • Wellness surveys

    We have made a reminder of our policy in the area of our social corporate responsibility so that, in these difficult times, our professionals can make contributions to those most in need, along with the contributions made by the company.

  • Covid-19 fund (Contributions to NGOs)

    We have made a reminder of our policy in the area of our corporate social responsibility so that, in these difficult times, our professionals can make contributions to those most in need, along with the contributions made by the company by creating a specific section for aid derived from the Covid-19.

  • Displacement certificates

    Through the portal and the corporate App, professionals who, in case of extreme need, have to travel to our offices, can request these certificates in order to travel.

  • Time Tracker in the App

    In order to manage all the above, we have an App where the employee manages their temporary flexibility under the supervision and support of their leaders and with the global vision of People Department. This solution is vital in those companies that have this system of control of the workday only through lathes or electronic cards in the offices.

    In the hope that this exercise of sharing our simple experience in this difficult situation can help us overcome this challenge together, we remain at your disposal for any further questions or clarification.

Carlos Delgado Planás
Presidente de Compensa Capital Humano